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From the archives - February 2015

Reading for pleasure

This month's selection of leisure reading, chosen by the Journal's book review editor

Supreme Courts: the US and UK compared

Three judicial assistants at the UK Supreme Court, who received grants from the Clark Foundation for Legal Education to visit the US Supreme Court, have written a comparative study based on their experience

Taking farmers to market

Farming producer organisations have an important opportunity to influence European Commission thinking on exemptions from competition law in the beef/veal and arable sectors

Queuing up for Street Law

The lessons that have been learned from the Society's Street Law scheme so far, and why it is creating a stir in classrooms up and down Scotland

Cash for your body

Should it be acceptable to sell one's organs? Examining the philosophical arguments to the contrary, the author maintains that it would be beneficial with suitable safeguards

Ivor Guild: an appreciation

A tribute to the former senior partner of Shepherd & Wedderburn

Journal magazine index 2014

Your reference guide to material published in the paper issues for 2014

Opinion: Waqqas Ashraf

Those who publicised the offending Charlie Hebdo cartoons following the Paris shootings should reflect on whether they are inciting abuse and social unrest

Book reviews

Reviews of Commercial Law (ed McNeil); On Liberty (Chakrabarti)


This month's Council profile turns to Johnstone practitioner Stuart Naismith, one of the two members for Greenock, Kilmarnock and Paisley

President's column

Questions to be addressed at the general election are looming large for the Society, while it continues to raise concerns on behalf of profession and public over legislation already in progress

More benefits from development plan approval

Registers of Scotland page: development plan approval service; 2012 Act update; property database conference

People on the move

Collected news of new appointments and practice changes

On track for 1 April

With less than two months to go until launch, Revenue Scotland’s chief executive details the work taking place to ensure Scotland’s devolved taxes authority is ready for business

In five years' time...

As the Journal continues its focus on the likely shape of legal services provision in 2020, this month it is the turn of solicitors from outwith the big firms to gaze into the crystal ball

Glasgow 2015: the three Rs

What can Scottish lawyers expect from this year’s Commonwealth Law Conference? This preview explains how it will support those who stand up for human rights in an often hostile environment

Powers of attorney: the Inner House decides

The significance of the Inner House decision that affirmed the validity of the common form of continuing power of attorney appointment, and the use of the special case procedure to secure it

Freelancing goes mainstream

Pinsent Masons' Vario hub utilises the talents of solicitors who wish to work freelance, to meet the fluctuating needs of clients' legal teams. We look at how it works, for the firm and the individuals

Socially acceptable?

Employee misuse of social media can pose novel disciplinary situations, but their resolution may well depend on the proper application of first principles

Searching questions

Latest criminal cases, including searches (with and without warrant); contempt of court; applications for recovery of evidence

Separation and the stored embryo

Family briefing: clients who have signed agreements regulating assisted conception may not have appreciated the consequences if their relationship breaks down

Effect, not cause: is obesity a disability?

Employment briefing: the European Court of Justice has ruled that obesity may constitute a disability for discrimination purposes. How should employers respond?

Goodbye to the Lamborghini?

Pensions briefing: the new flexible arrangements leave individuals' pension savings more vulnerable to attachment in bankruptcy

Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal

Reports of cases relating to Alasdair David Mackie; Thomas Murray

The dispute resolvers

In-house interview: John Sturrock QC of Core Solutions expands on his conference session on the role of in-house lawyers in reducing and managing disputes, and discusses his own career

Take care with Lender Exchange

The need to be careful when updating information about your firm on the Lender Exchange portal has been highlighted by the experience of one Scottish practice

Law reform roundup

Recent work of the Law Reform Department, including Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill; A new Magna Carta?; British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill; Scottish Tax Tribunal Rules; duty of candour

From the Brussels office

Recent developments in the EU: anti-money laundering

Equal pay: a professional imperative

Efforts to eliminate the continuing gender pay gap in the profession feature strongly as part of the Society’s revised Equality and Diversity Strategy

Are you a cyber risk?

Minimising the ever-present risks from external frauds and scams is as much about people and their working practices as it is about IT security measures

Ask Ash

Advice column: I hardly see my child because of the long hours I have to work

Property in the spotlight

A roundup from Professional Practice team of recent developments affecting property lawyers

Sweet smell of added value

The Word of Gold: "Added value" means very different things to different clients. Have you asked yours?

Legally IT: the evolving lawyer

A new field of opportunities lies ahead for law firms and law graduates: introducing a new Journal series on the changing outlook for careers in law