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Letter: belief in the soul

9 Apr 18

Is it right that a doctor's letter should be given less weight if not "on soul and conscience"?

Looking at recent civil court reports, I am surprised to see that Sheriff Cubie decided [McCallion v Apache North Sea Ltd [2018] SAC (Civ) 1] that whilst medical documentation provided to a court did not have to be “on soul and conscience”, nevertheless any such documentation which was not “on soul and conscience” might be afforded less weight. Clearly this cannot be right.

This would be the same as saying that evidence given by affirmation might be afforded less weight than evidence given on oath. To require a medical practitioner to certify any documents “on soul and conscience” is to require that individual to accept the existence of an immortal soul! Surely not.

Branislav Sudjic, Kirkcaldy

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