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Findlay quits over Pope joke

16 June 2005

In the face of mounting criticism, Donald Findlay QC has stepped down as chairman of Faculty Services, the business arm of the Faculty of Advocates.

Mr Findlay landed in hot water over Catholic jokes he made in an after dinner speech at the Larne Rangers Social Club in Northern Ireland.

It is believed that the Faculty passed a vote of no confidence on him following the controversy over his comments.

This is not the first time Mr Findlay has felt the wrath of the Faculty - he was disciplined in 1999 over the infamous singing of sectarian songs at a party to celebrate a Scottish cup final victory of Rangers over Celtic.

He was also given a written censure for an outburst after a jury took 30 minutes to convict a client of murder.

He said that he was appalled that a jury could only spare half an hour of its time before returning a verdict.