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Website launched to promote pro bono work

12 September 2008

A new website has been developed by the International Bar Association (IBA) to promote and support pro bono legal work and access to justice at both national and international levels.

The website enables legal professionals worldwide to exchange and share experiences and information on pro bono initiatives across jurisdictions. It provides links to practitioners and organisations engaged in pro bono legal work, for users to locate and contact others who are participating in similar work, or in work on which they would like to model their own.

A special section of the site will feature original content on best practices in certain thematic areas. The inaugural topic will focus on university law clinics, led by an article from the IBA Pro Bono and Access to Justice Committee, on the pro bono clinical programme at American University’s Washington College of Law.

Philip Zeidman, of the IBA Public and Professional Interest Division, said: "The IBA International Pro Bono website allows an unlimited reach, is not restricted by geography and is accessible 24 hours a day. It is proving a valuable resource."

The website can be found at: