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Who ate all the pies? Lawyers apparently

25 September 2008

The scales of justice are groaning under the weight... lawyers are officially Britain's second fattest profession.

A recent survey of male workers has revealed the percentages of professions whose workers have a waistline of 38 inches and above. While truckers topped the list, with 42% owning up to a 38 inch plus waist, 33% of lawyers were also straining the buttons on their trousers.

The problem is being blamed on the temptations of lavish business lunches and nights out, less time to do exercise and too many cakes in the office. A waist measurement above 39.5 inches puts men at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Also included on the fat list were IT workers, doctors, plumbers and builders, while travel agents, estate agents, farmers and chefs were among those with the smallest waistlines.