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Bracadale hate crime proposals go out to consultation

14 November 2018

How to modernise Scotland's hate crime legislation in the light of the proposals of Lord Bracadale's review is the subject of a new Scottish Government consultation opened today.

One Scotland: Hate Has No Home Here follows on from Lord Bracadale’s recommendations that a single hate crime law be enacted with additional statutory aggravations being created for age and gender (click here for news item).

The consultation calls for views on a number of issues including how best to tackle gender based prejudice and misogyny. The issue of sectarianism is also considered, with the consultation seeking views on how this could be tackled through law based on the findings of the Working Group on Defining Sectarianism in Scots Law.

Public responses will inform the development of a hate crime bill which will be laid before Holyrood later in this session of Parliament.

Launching the review, Cabinet Secretary for Justice Humza Yousaf commented: "The public’s voice is absolutely crucial in this process and we are determined to take this opportunity to shape our legislation so that it is fit for 21st century Scotland.

"We know that legislation in itself is not enough to build the inclusive Scotland we want and aspire to, but having robust law in place is vital so that it is clear to all that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in society."

Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC added: "Crime motivated by hatred is not only a wrong against the individual, but it is an affront to our collective values as a community, creating division and fear.

"This is why we treat hate crime so seriously and why, as Scotland’s independent public prosecution service, the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, will continue to do so."

Click here to access the consultation. It includes details of a series of public events across Scotland to allow individuals and communities to give their views. The deadline for responses is 24 February 2019.


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