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21 Feb 18

Scottish Legal International comes to fruition

Joint initiative aims to promote Scottish profession internationally

30 Aug 17

A paralegal's tale

Janet Rieu-Clarke, the Law Society’s accredited paralegal, explains the path that led her to new role at the Society and the rationale behind the new accredited paralegal status.

30 Aug 17

A call to vote from John Scott

John Scott QC urges his fellow solicitor advocates to vote for their dedicated representative

29 Aug 17

No globalisation without representation...

Katie Hay discusses the globalisation of the legal market and urges Scottish solicitors working internationally, to get involved

24 Jul 17

Bringing the world to "world-class"

Sarah Sutton, digital communications executive at the Law Society of Scotland, talks about her bright idea to ensure international representation on the Society’s Council

26 Jun 17

The Debate - backstage, front of house and top tips

In this mini-series of blogs, three key players in the Donald Dewar Memorial Debating Tournament share their individual perspectives of the event.

19 Jun 17

Got a passion for the profession?

Could one of the 23 current vacancies for 16 different committees be just right for you?

28 Apr 17

Professional Practice - advising the advisers

Scottish solicitors help their clients through some of the most momentous occasions of their lives, personal or professional, good or bad. But where do solicitors turn for support? Prof Prac, that's where.

1 Nov 16

How getting involved in debating can change your life

Head of education Rob Marrs explains how getting involved in debating, whether as competitor or judge, can be incredibly rewarding. And more importantly, he explains how to win a debate.

14 Oct 16

Career development and volunteering at the Law Society of Scotland

If you want to enhance your career, develop your skills or just give back to your profession, there are lots of different personal and professional development opportunities at the Society

Editors Blog

Hold tight for 2018

9 Jan 18

Get set for another rollercoaster ride through the year

I expect that by the time you read this, 2018 will be well into its stride, and offer my best wishes that it works out well for each one of you.

To do so, it will have to defy quite a lot of predictions – our employment survey that we reported on last month found that in almost all types of organisation, private practice or in-house, more solicitors expected things to get worse over the following 12 months than to improve.

Brexit is clearly casting a shadow for many – only a small percentage expect it to benefit their organisation, though in addition to the “don’t knows”, a sizeable minority see it as making no difference. However, there is no doubt that clients will increasingly want advice on how to prepare for change, even ahead of knowing what form that change will take, and those who can equip themselves to meet that need will stand to gain, whatever their views on the wisdom of leaving the EU.

For hard-pressed legal aid lawyers, whose prospects are more heavily, and directly, dependent on decisions taken by Government, there is at least the hope that the independent review under Martyn Evans, due to report in the spring, will conclude that improved funding is needed to ensure the future viability of the sector. Even if it does, that would not in itself secure an increase in public funds, though we could certainly hope for a less hostile climate of public debate around the subject.

The results of the other main review, by Esther Roberton of the regulation of legal services, will likely take rather longer to reach implementation, and practices will meantime have to continue to compete as best they can in a partly unregulated market.

On top of all that we face the ongoing, and increasing, pace of change on the IT front. This could be beneficial in many ways, if promised developments in the courts and at Registers of Scotland, to name but two, come to fruition, even if the new GDPR rules present yet another administrative challenge.

In short, if you have experienced recent times as years of turbulence, then like it or not, 2018 seems set to deliver more of the same. But keeping a cool head through the turbulence and looking out for the new opportunities that are bound to exist, should stand most businesses in good stead. Those “Keep calm and...” messages have plenty of life in them yet.

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15 May 19

Make wellbeing a thing

Staff wellbeing in legal firms has to become a matter of culture, with supporting mechanisms in place

8 Apr 19

Law for people

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Shape your future

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11 Feb 19

Flexible is possible

As this month's lead feature illustrates, large and small firms alike can operate flexible working practices, and there appear to be few issues with clients when they do

14 Jan 19

Seeking the positive

A bit of flexibility and imagination can achieve things this year, whether for a business in the face of Brexit or for employees to improve their work-life balance, and wellbeing

3 Dec 18

A turbulent Christmas

Depressing divisions and a lack of clear thinking dominate the Brexit scene. But (stop press) there is something positive in the official reaction to the legal aid review

7 Nov 18

Put to the test

The Society's position as regulator will come under renewed scrutiny following the Roberton report, but the report itself should equally be subjected to proper scrutiny

9 Oct 18

Under siege

After the extra money announced for prosecutors and then the police, something has to be done now for the defence sector

10 Sep 18

Programme for action?

How much can we expect to happen through the Scottish Government's Programme for Government?

6 Aug 18

No deal, no say?

The arguments for a second EU referendum apply with greater force in a "no deal" scenario