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Guardianship, intervention and voluntary measures conference

26 April 18

Law Society of Scotland CPD & Training

Our Guardianship, intervention and voluntary measures conference returns at a critical time in Scottish adult incapacity law.

Adult incapacity law and features of current practice are at a crossroads and this conference provides a crucial opportunity to focus on the current consultation debates and fundamental concerns with peers. Carefully selected experts will update you on the latest guidance and provide vital practice updates for those interpreting and operating within the various acts today.

With the Scottish Government seeking views on proposals for reform to the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000, this conference is a must attend for every solicitor in Scotland involved in adult incapacity work.

It is vital to address the major developments stemming from the adults with incapacity consultation, including the expected discussion about the sheriff court or a new unified tribunal and a proposal that most guardianship applications be dealt with by automatic administrative process without involvement of solicitors or a judicial decision-maker. That proposal could significantly affect the public interest and the fundamental role of the profession in this area.

Join our chair, Adrian D Ward MBE, on Thursday 26 April to get a specialist update on the evolving international scene and good practice now, as we await publication of his Council of Europe report, Voluntary Measures in Europe. You will also hear an invaluable perspective from leading expert and visiting speaker Alex Ruck Keene, 39 Essex Chambers, on essential cross-border developments and alerts, as well as the recent Darlington case.



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