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Dominant market positions and abuse

28 March 19

Scottish Competition Forum Event

Venue: Brodies LLP, 110 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3BX

Time: 6-8pm (registration from 5.30)

Businesses that are dominant in their markets have a “special responsibility” not to hinder competition by abusing their position. However, what that means in practice, and how it can be effectively enforced, can be hard to define. The emergence of data giants like Facebook and Google has once again brought the behaviour of dominant companies to public attention and into the focus of competition regulators, though dominance (and abuse) will also arise in more traditional sectors such as pharmaceuticals, logistics and transport.

A number of recent cases have served as timely reminders about the risks to dominant firms: Google, Pfizer and Flynn Pharma; SSE at Ofgem; Royal Mail at Ofcom.

This event will cover these and other recent cases, and discuss and explain the important role competition law’s prohibition of abuse of dominance plays in ensuring markets are open to innovation and deliver for consumers.

A panel of distinguished speakers includes:

  • Jörg Nothdurft, Director of Litigation at the Bundeskartellamt (the German national competition regulator, which has recently taken action against Facebook for abusing its dominance in social media to force users to allow it access to data from other websites and apps);
  • Gaucho Rasmussen, Director of Enforcement at Ofcom;
  • Niamh Dunne, Associate Professor of Competition Law at the London School of Economics; and
  • Michele Granatstein, Principal Economist and Head of Aviation at Oxera.

The event will include speaker presentations, a panel discussion and audience Q&A chaired by Charles Livingstone, partner and head of Competition Law at Brodies LLP, and further discussion and networking over drinks.

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