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Contract Law Update – Edinburgh

16 May 19

Edinburgh Law Seminars

Edinburgh Law Seminars’ Contract Law Update will include all major Contract Law decisions during the last 12 months as well as important statutory developments and upcoming legal reforms to be aware of.
Presented by Professor Laura Macgregor and Denis Garrity, key issues covered will include the law of formation, interpretation, and the interaction of different remedies for breach of contract. Developments are placed in context so that trends or new directions in the law can be understood.

The speakers combine academic depth with practical insight and the seminar includes a substantial set of materials providing thorough notes on all cases and statutory developments – an indispensable addition to your contract law resources.

£125 (plus VAT) per person. For further information click here.

To book online please visit our website or email to request a booking form.

Edinburgh: Thursday 16th May (6-8pm)

Also taking place in Glasgow on Tuesday 14th May.


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