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Society and Small Business Gateway come together

1 March 01

The Society aims to provide Scottish Enterprise with a database of firms interested in helping small businesses and start-ups

With this in mind, discussions have been ongoing between the Society’s Marketing Committee and Scottish Enterprise, the national body for economic development for lowland Scotland which manages 55 Small Business Gateway outlets from Aberdeen to the Borders. Our aim is to direct all outlets to firms of solicitors who are keen to deal with start-ups and small businesses. At present, Small Business Gateway outlets deal with a few solicitors firms across the country, but we want to make sure that this seam of new business for the profession is more widely spread, giving solicitors across the country greater opportunity for more business and giving potential clients a greater choice of firm.

We aim to provide Scottish Enterprise with a database of firms who are particularly interested in this group of potential clients. Our intention is to eventually have an electronic link between all the Small Business Gateway outlets and our own database to give all start-up advisors and indeed individuals immediate access to the contact details of suitable firms.

If your firm wishes to be put on this register, please e-mail or telephone her on 0131 476 8174 and let her know.