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New bulletin board posted on Society’s website

1 March 01

A new bulletin board on the Society’s website is the quick and easy way to get all communications from the Society; these can also be emailed on request

There are two ways to use the Bulletin Board - you can either log on and check it whenever it suits you or you can also subscribe to the service, allowing you to receive e-mails automatically. The e-mail will give each new bulletin as and when it is posted on to the site. This means that solicitors can now be kept fully informed immediately of any general communication from the Society. And of course, you can unsubscribe at any time by simply following the simple online instructions.

Forgotten how to log on to the Solicitors section?

The website has two distinct sides -

one for the public and one for the profession. As members of the profession, you are able to browse both parts. However, in the interests of privacy and confidentiality, you need to use your Roll Number to access the profession’s part of the site. Your Roll Number is displayed on your practising certificate. If, for whatever reason you don’t remember your Roll Number, you can contact the Records department of the Society by e-mail or letter and they will give you the details.

Internet Explorer 5 automatic password memory

And, remember, that if your computer is using Internet Explorer 5, then it can memorise your password for you. This function is very easy to set up, if it isn’t already on a default set-up for you. Simply go to Internet Explorer 5, then choose Tools, then Internet Options, then Content. On that page you will see Personal Information and the box AutoComplete. Click this and you will see that you have an option to Prompt Me to Save Passwords. If you tick this box, the computer will automatically ask you if you want to save the password when you next use it. This will work with any passwords needed on your system.

For any further information on the Bulletin Board, please contact Linsey Lewin on 0131 476 8174 or email her at