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Single survey: at last?

1 July 04

Remaining difficulties appear to have been resolved and the single survey pilot will start in mid-July

by Linsey Lewin

I refer you to previous articles in the Journal about the single survey pilot which was due to start on 26 April in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness.

As you will be aware, there have been a few delays in the start date due mainly to difficulties with professional indemnity insurance, which had to be ironed out between the Executive and RICS.

I am now able to report that these difficulties appear to have been resolved and that the single survey is due to start in the middle of July.

Those of you who have undergone the single survey training will be notified directly by the project co-ordinators about the start date in the short term.

If you still wish to register for the pilot you can do so by completing the form available at The Executive will use the contact details supplied to email a password and logging on information to you.

I should stress that the Conveyancing Committee and indeed the Society’s position is and always has been that it is essential that members engage with the pilot process. It is only by taking an active part in the process that we can see whether there are any difficulties with the single survey and ensure that these are ironed out if and when the Executive decide to go ahead with the single survey on a permanent and national basis.

It is also essential that members engage with the evaluation process in the pilot and provide the necessary post-transaction information, since without this the results will be worthless.

I do hope that you consider that you have sufficient information to allow you to register and take part.  I would refer you for further detailed information to the Steering Group website at You can also contact the project co-ordinators: Dundee, and Glasgow North and West areas – Duncan Kerr on 0131 479 5218 or; Edinburgh North and Leith, and Inverness areas – Roy Symon on 0131 479 5341 or

Please also do not hesitate to contact me at the Society if you have any questions or queries: 0131 476 8174 or

Linsey Lewin, Secretary, Conveyancing Committee