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14 March 16

Advice column: a colleague is jealous of my pay rise

Dear Ash

I recently had my salary increased after successfully completing a number of important projects. Although the increase was significant, I had been seeking a rise for a long time and had raised this issue with my boss on a number of occasions. However, despite my good news I now seem to be the subject of a colleague’s envy. He seems to have found out about my rise; although I’m not sure how, I suspect that it was from his friend in HR. He has now repeatedly been complaining about his salary to me and seems to be suggesting indirectly that the boss is biased in my favour. I’m increasingly feeling uncomfortable about his suggestions but have so far refrained from responding as I don’t feel it would be right for me to discuss my salary with anyone.

Ash replies:

Envy is a very negative emotion and it is clearly having a detrimental impact on you. However, your colleague is being both unfair and unprofessional; if he has an issue he should be challenging his boss about it and not directing his frustrations at you.

You have clearly demonstrated your worth by working hard – do not let your colleague’s comments affect you in any way or make you feel guilty.

I suggest that you make clear to him that you are under no obligation to justify your position to him, and that if he does have any issues he should take this up with your boss directly. If he fails to back down, make clear that you will have to take it up with your boss. If he does think that you are favoured then he clearly will not want your boss to be aware of his issues!

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