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Woman juror's smoking remark falls foul of the law

29 March 2006

A female juror in a High Court trial has found herself on the wrong side of the law after allegedly taking issue with the accused because she was not allowed to smoke in the building.

The Daily Record reported that the woman was heard to say, "If I can't get a smoke in here, he's got no chance", about a case due to have been heard at the High Court in Glasgow this week.

The name of the woman and the details of the case in question cannot be revealed for legal reasons. The trial is now continuing with a reduced jury of 14.

The Scottish Executive's ban on smoking means the rooms set aside for jurors to smoke in are no longer available. The woman's alleged remarks were thought to make her less open-minded and the judge decided to remove her from the jury.

It is understood that the woman has been ordered to appear at the end of the trial to face a possible charge of contempt of court.