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New solicitors admitted to profession

8 June 2006

New solicitors from around Scotland were formally admitted to the profession today in a ceremony at the Playfair Library in Edinburgh.

John Elliot, Deputy Keeper of the Signet and a past president of the Law Society of Scotland, presented the 59 new entrants with their enrolment certificates.

Continuing recent trends, about three quarters of the entrants are women. It is predicted that in a few years' time there will be more women than men in the solicitors' profession.

Addressing the ceremony, John Elliot said: “In addition to my congratulations, I wish you all a long, enjoyable and productive career as practising solicitors, or in some other role, and in the expectation that each and every one of you will stand tall in a profession steeped in history and famous for its standards of honour and probity.

The President, Ruthven Gemmell, added: “This is one of my first duties as the Society’s new President and I too am delighted to welcome all of you to the solicitors’ profession.

“New entrants come from a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances and their entering the profession today is vital to its continuing growth and development. The challenges for the profession are constantly changing in line with client demand and new solicitors will ensure that this process continues to be driven forward."