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Megrahi case could return to Camp Zeist

9 June 2006

The criminal appeal court could face a return to the Netherlands for a further appeal in the Lockerbie bombing case if a prediction by the defence team proves accurate.

In the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday Maggie Scott QC, counsel for convicted bomber Adulbaset Ali Mohmet Al Megrahi asked for a postponement of the appeal against sentence, scheduled for July, on the basis that the Scottish Criminal Cases Appeal Commission would be meeting to consider whether to refer the case to the appeal court.

Ms Scott said there were substantial grounds for an appeal and there was every likelihood that there would be a reference.

The United Nations agreement under which Megrahi was tried in the Netherlands provides that if he wishes to attend an appeal, it should also take place there.

The Lord Advocate, Lord Boyd, told the court that there was no indication yet what the Commission's decision would be.

The three judges agreed to postpone the sentence appeals, in which Megrahi seeks to reduce the 27-year punishment part of his sentence and the Crown wishes to have it increased, until October.