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Success claimed for smoking ban

26 June 2006

Scotland's ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces has been a success, according to ministers, following a survey of hotels, pubs and restuarants across the country.

The survey of 15,540 premises found that 99.4% of places had complied with the new law introduced on 26 March. Only 88 hotels, bars and restaurants were found to have flouted the ban during its first four weeks.

A separate opinion poll carried out by the Executive has revealed that a third of Scotland's smokers feel the ban has helped them cut down on their smoking, while three-quarters of Scots consider the ban a success. A survey for Cancer Research UK found that one Scot in four was more likely to go into pubs and bars than before the ban was brought in, and only 10% less likely to do so.

In the first month of the ban, only three fixed penalty notices were issued to establishments that were allowing smoking on the premises.