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Rules proposed for non-domestic knife sales

30 July 2008

People selling non-domestic knives may have to keep records of how customers' ages and identities are verified.

The condition, along with a ban on the display of knives visible from the street or a public entrance, is part of the Scottish Government's proposals for those selling such knives.

The Custodial Sentences and Weapons (Scotland) Act 2007 gave Scottish Ministers the power to introduce a licensing scheme for dealers of non-domestic knives. A consultation published today sets out details of the proposed scheme.

Under the scheme, dealers of non-domestic knives would need to be licensed by the local authority and comply with certain mandatory conditions to help make sure such weapons do not find their way into the wrong hands.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said: "There is no doubt that weapons such as hunting and combat knives can, in the wrong hands injure, maim and kill, and we need to make sure they are only sold to people with a legitimate reason for buying them.

"That's why I want a new licensing scheme for dealers of non-domestic knives, that includes tough conditions to give more detail on each weapon sold and who it was sold to.

"We are also suggesting that anyone seeking to buy a sword must be able to prove the intended use - for example by producing a membership card or letter from a society with a recognised reason for using swords."

The consultation, which can be viewed at, will run until 22 October 2008.