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Government plays down Lockerbie bomber claims

13 August 2009

The Scottish Government says no decision has been made over the compassionate early release of the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We can confirm that no decision has been made

“Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is still considering all the representations in both cases and hopes to make a decision this month."

Al Megrahi is in the terminal stages of prostate cancer, and it has been reported that he will return home to Tripoli before the start of Ramadan on August 21. His return will also coincide with the 40th anniversary of the coming to power of Libya's leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

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graeme Kinghorn

Saturday August 15, 2009, 02:55

My family and I formerly lived in the fells above Brampton, Cumbria prior to moving to Australia. I got the news of this horrible event while driving to work early one beautiful Australian morning; this has been on my mind ever since and I still think about it all these years on. I travelled to the Lockerbie area on a pretty regular basis for work. I can also still picture the planes flying high above the area where we lived (Hallbankgate) and going up over the Borders north to Scotland. Our children who were very young at the time were fascinated by the vapour trails. This is something that we as a family will never forget and we all sincerely hope that the Scottish Goverment will also never let us forget that fact that this bastard died in a Scottish prison. It is the right and lawful thing to do. Anything else would be a betrayal of the good folk of Lockerbie. The Kinghorn Family, Brisbane, Australia


Friday August 21, 2009, 00:34

We are devastated. Following on from my earlier email (15Aug09) about the fact that this bastard should die in a Scottish prison and the comment by some IDIOT Scottish Goverment spokesman to say that "no decision had been made".

Who is worse? A lying bastard politician or a murdering terrorist bastard? There doesn't seem to be much difference to us on the other side of the World. We all feel so desperately sorry for all the people of Scotland the US and in particular the Lockerbie folk. This is an absolute travesty to say the very least. What has happened to this world when people like that could be let away with committing such an atrocity? Does this mean that Western society has given up altogether on terrorism? it certainly seems that way. It treats its own criminals worse than murderous terrorists from Third World countries. Who will be taking bets on this murderer's remaining lifespan now he is back home among his other murdering companions assisting them in the planning of further terrorist activities? Will the same politicians request his return after 2yrs in Libya as it is very uncertain as to how long it will take him to die? The people who made this decision should be flown up off the north coast and dropped from a great height into Scapa Flow and allowed to rot alongside the scrap from the last World event. Some lessons were learnt from that. I think not.

Finally, will the politicians who allowed this to happen have a collection for a headstone and possibly a wake in one of Tripoli's finest hotels? They could attend in person and claim on their travel allowance.

The Kinghorn Clan, Brisbane, Australia