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Farm rent case to go to Court of Session

8 July 2010

A leading decision of the Scottish Land Court on the impact of the single farm payment in a farm rent review is to be appealed to the Court of Session.

Richard Morrison-Low, landlord of Moonzie Farm, near Cupar, has lodged an appeal against the Land Court's decision, issued last month, to reduce the rent for the farm from £22,000 to £20,800. He had argued for a rent of £32,000.

The key question in the appeal will be the effect of the single farm payment on rent levels. An agent for the landlord said the Land Court decision would have a distorting effect on rent levels, and that the open market rent had to be affected by entitlements to payment.

Tenants' representatives called for a simpler way of setting rents, claiming the current process was flawed, costly and took too long. Angus McCall of the Scottish Tenant Farmers Association said rents should be based on the productive capacity of a holding, the economics of farming and the respective inputs of the landlord and tenant, as there was in reality no "open market".


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