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Scottish Tories call for more visible community service

5 January 2011

Scottish Conservatives have called for offenders carrying out community service to wear high visibility clothing because “victims of crime have the right to know” who is on such schemes. The use of brightly coloured or fluorescent work wear has been common in other countries for a number of years, but has proven controversial in Scotland, as some argue it would be needlessly humiliating.

Tory justice spokesman John Lamont said: “Law-abiding Scots and the victims of crime have the right to know who has been placed on these schemes, not from a perspective of making anyone a pariah, but because it is their right to know. It will also serve as a valuable visible deterrent to others reminding them that if you commit a crime you will be punished."

He also hit out at SNP moves to limit the use of short sentences, accusing the party of creating a “soft touch Scotland” and of being “more interested in emptying our jails than protecting the public”.

“We accept community sentences can be appropriate but they need to be toughened up. We believe offenders should wear high visibility clothing, so the public is aware a punishment is being served,” he concluded.

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