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Registers fee changes in force from Monday

7 January 2011

Fees in the Registers of Scotland go up on Monday (10 January) – and rejected applications will attract a charge for the first time.

The minimum fee for transfer applications in paper format doubles from £30 to £60 (£50 for an ARTL transfer) where the consideration does not exfeed £50,000, as do fees relating to standard securities. Other fee bands increase by 20%, except for a property transferred for over £1m, for which there is no change.

A fee of £30 will be levied for applications rejected prior to being accepted for the application record, as will a cancellation fee, charged at the application rate up to a £400 maximum.

Registers Direct will charge £3 plus VAT as a standard fee; and pre-registration enquiries will be billed at £50.

Click here to access the fees order.

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