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Child protection initiatives announced

18 January 2011

Children's Minister Adam Ingram has announced a range of initiatives to improve the protection of Scotland's most vulnerable children.

The measures, launched at a child protection conference in Edinburgh, arise out of a comprehensive review of child protection procedures across Scotland.

Building on new national child protection guidance issued in December, they include:

  • Revision of the "pink book" – specific children protection guidance for health professionals – to bring it into line with the new national child protection guidance for Scotland
  • The development of new guidance for children with disabilities, who are at a much higher risk of abuse
  • Best practice and research on the link between mental illness and child protection, to help professionals better identify concerns and risk factors and offer effective, early support to children and their families
  • The development of a national risk assessment toolkit for professionals working in children protection to promote common practices and consistency across agencies
  • Plans to develop new inspection arrangements for child protection and children's services to sit alongside the creation of the new scrutiny body, Social Care Social Work Inspection Service (SCSWIS), which will be operational from April.

During the next few months the Scottish Government will also examine the training needs of child protection professionals across all services and will start to develop a national competency framework.

This will set out a common set of skills and standards for these professionals to ensure the delivery of a consistently high standard of support to children across the country.

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graham stephen

Tuesday January 18, 2011, 19:03

The children's panel should not keep changing at different panels and the family needs are best paced in the courts. Families are unfairly treated by social work holding back the truth or presenting information in a manner to damage the family and tearing the family apart to achieve what the social work want. Some social workers are often younger than the family they are dealing with and often fail to follow safeguarders' advice on issues within the family. I have observed members of my family had lies told by staff to best achieve their purpose and I have had to fund this to well over 100 thousand pounds to support the family.