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Solicitor General launches Serious and Organised Crime Division

17 March 2011

A new division within the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service will focus on tackling serious and organised crime in Scotland.

The Serious and Organised Crime Division, launched today, will target those who are seeking to profit from organised crime by way of involving themselves in, among other crimes, drug and people trafficking, money laundering and bootlegging.

The division will also play a vital role in counter-terrorism operations.

Announcing the official launch of the new division, the Solicitor General, Frank Mulholland QC, said: “Organised crime groups are a corrosive influence in Scotland and are constantly seeking to find new opportunities to sustain their businesses by way of drug dealing, bootlegging, music piracy, money laundering and people trafficking, to name but a few.

“To meet this challenge we must continually evaluate and improve our practices and procedures, allowing us to be forward thinking and focused and remain one step ahead of those who see crime as way of life.”


Lindsey Miller, head of the new division, said: “Effective prosecution is an important element in the strategy to reduce the damage caused by organised crime. It can be a critical element in the successful disruption and dismantling of organised groups and in long term crime reduction. We are committed to work effectively with the SCDEA, Scotland's police forces, the Civil Recovery Unit and all in law enforcement to continue to disrupt the activities of organised crime in our communities.”

Deputy Chief Constable Gordon Meldrum, Director General of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency said: “The creation of a new division within Crown Office focused on serious organised crime is a clear indication of how determined we all are to tackle this type of criminality.”

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