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Thompsons takes up breast implants cause

9 January 2012

A Scottish legal firm has launched a free advice line service for women concerned that they have been given faulty breast implants.

Personal injury lawyers Thompsons Solicitors believe that clinics who offered the PIP implants, manufactured in France with non-medically approved silicone gel, could have a duty to pay compensation to those affected under consumer protection legislation.

Thompsons point to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the provision that items sold must be of satisfactory quality. They maintain that the estimated 4,000 Scots women who had the implants could be entitled to compensation on top of having them taken out and replaced.

While the UK Government has announced that women who had the implants fitted under the NHS can have them taken out free of charge if they wish, Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has said there are no known cases of the implants being used by the NHS in Scotland.

Thompsons partner Patrick McGuire said: “There are many legal avenues to explore, but these implants in Scotland have been offered by clinics where there is a clear contract between the patient as a consumer and the clinic as a provider. It is the provider’s responsibility to sell goods of a sufficient standard and consumers have rights to protect them if this contract is broken."

He added: "The 'free' replacement which clinics are currently offering is simply not enough. The rights of the women affected as consumers seems to be being ignored. They have the same rights and protections as any other consumer.

"If you bought a car with a defect that caused you to crash you wouldn't accept that replacing the car alone would be enough. You would expect compensation too. The women affected by the PIP scandal deserve the same."

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sharon somers

Sunday January 15, 2012, 15:27

I have pip implants fitted July 2005 and transform tell me I need £2,650 to have them removed and replaced and I'm supposed to be grateful at the discount. I don't think so.