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Employment tribunal fees come in from 29 July

30 May 2013

People wishing to take unfair dismissal and other claims to an employment tribunal will have to pay a fee from 29 July, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed.

Claims will fall into one of two levels, level 1 including breach of contract, wages claims, equal pay claims, holiday pay, redundancy pay, and some claims relating to rights to time off; and level 2 including unfair dismissal, detriment, and discrimination claims.

Subject to parliamentary approval, a fee of £160 will be payable to initiate a level 1 claim, with a further £230 if it goes to a full hearing. At level 2, the initial fee will be £250 and the hearing fee £950. Mediation by a judge will be available at a cost of £600.

The tribunal will have the power to order that fees be reimbursed by a losing opponent to the successful party. The Government expects that in practice, reimbursement would form part of any settlement offer.

The introduction of fees is part of the Government’s review of employment law, which also features reforms to streamline and modernise the employment tribunal system, including the routing of all claims to ACAS to offer early conciliation (at no charge) before going to a tribunal, and encouraging more use of mediation.

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