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"Revenge porn" offence likely for Scotland

23 October 2014

A specific offence covering acts of "revenge pornography" is likely to be introduced in Scotland. 

Following a letter from Liberal Democrat spokesperson Alison McInnes calling for legislation, as has been announced for England & Wales, to criminalise those who post online explicit images of their former partners, as a way of getting back at them, Scottish ministers said they were "seriously exploring" the posssibility, and expected to make a formal announcement in the near future.

Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC also supports new legislation to deal with what he described as a "growing problem". 

In her letter Ms McInnes wrote: "It is important that victims don't suffer in silence and know that they have done nothing wrong. I believe that introducing specific legislation to tackle these despicable and cowardly acts will give victims confidence that such violations of their privacy are unacceptable and illegal."

The Scottish Government commented: "This activity is designed to humiliate the victim and there are existing laws that can be used to prosecute. We supported the Lord Advocate when he raised this issue earlier this year and highlighted the very damaging effect this type of behaviour can have on victims."

A number of people have already been successfuly prosecuted under existing laws.

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