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First "para-law firm" claims to operate more cheaply

23 January 2017

A London based practice has been relaunched as what it claims to be the UK’s first "para-law firm".

LCM, part of the Kohen Rapoport Group, was established in 2013 and has evolved into its present business model, which involves most work in a litigation being undertaken by paralegals, who are taken outside regulatory framework while remaining under the supervision of regulated professionals.

Effectively, LCM performs a "Legal Case Management" role (hence the name "LCM"), managing the distribution of tasks between its stables of paralegals, legal executives, solicitors and barristers in the most efficient manner. It aims to coordinate the performance of legal tasks to achieve maximum cost savings for clients, while ensuring that the case adheres to time schedules and quality standards.

With, LCM, says, unregulated support via paralegals potentially representing up to 90% of the total workload in an average legal case, by shifting this workload into unregulated yet supervised territory, significant cost savings can be achieved for clients, who still receive effective legal representation when this is required. 

Founder Dr Yuri Rapoport commented: “The LCM mantra is simple – we help companies and individuals to cut their legal costs and optimise case results. Our role ensures lawyers don’t spend time on unnecessary tasks such as information collection, document bundling, evidence qualification, client management, etc – because we take care of this for them.

He added: "We believe LCM represents the future paradigm for legal service delivery. It is our response to the demands of savvy consumers in a market that has seen many recent Government initiatives designed to drive up competition and make access to justice easier for individuals and businesses."

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