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Two weeks to run in Registers' Digital Transformation consultation

6 February 2017

Solicitors and others interested have just over two weeks left to respond to Registers of Scotland's proposals in its Digital Transformation: Next Steps consultation.

The consultation, which closes on 22 February 2017, focuses on Registers' proposals to introduce new digital services to the Land Register. It will also consider some consequential changes to the land registration application form to support digital submission.

With the aim of the Land Registration (Scotland) Ac 2012 being to enable registration of digital deeds authenticated by a digital signature, Registers' aim is to work from a presumption, as with the present advance notice system, that digital means will be used, with paper only in exceptional circumstances such as where the digital system is unavailable for a period.

Registers is currently piloting a system for digital discharges and is proposing to introduce digital standard securities and dispositions in the near future. Among other questions the consultation asks what should be the priorities for next steps, before turiung to matters of detail relating to digital dispositions and standard
securities, and then the digital application form and submission process, making changes to the paper submission process to keep it in line with the proposals.

The Law Society of Scotland will be responding to the consultation on behalf of members, but comments that "as these proposals will have an impact on how conveyancing and land registration is dealt with in practice, we would encourage our members to submit their own responses to the consultation so that Registers of Scotland have a wide range of the views of our members".

Click here to access the consultation.


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