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Researchers' project seeks people's experiences of punishment

17 February 2017

Two researchers at the Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research (SCCJR) are seeking contributions from people who have been sentenced in the criminal courts to a new website.

Research fellow Dr Marguerite Schinkel has teamed up with PhD student Alejandro Rubio Arnal on the project, which brings together their related research interests. Dr Schinkel’s research focuses on people’s lived experiences of punishment, while Ms Rubio Arnal is interested in how public opinion about criminal justice can be changed.

Launching in the spring, the new website, My Sentence, will provide a space for people to explore and share the meaning of their sentences in creative ways. It is hoped it will also become a resource for those who are facing a sentence, who will be able to see how others have given this meaning. Politicians, criminal justice staff and the public will also be able to see what sentences mean to those who are sentenced.

Those who have experienced a sentence are being invited to contribute a piece of writing, poetry, a photograph, drawing or painting, a piece of music or a song, or anything else that can be put online. Those taking part are also asked to come up with one sentence that expresses the meaning of their sentence for them. 

All those who have been sentenced in a criminal court can take part, choosing an artist name or using their real name as they prefer. Reflections may relate to a fine, a community sentence, imprisonment or a series of sentences.

Contributions received before the end of March will be included on the website when it is launched in April.

Click here for further information including on how to take part.


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