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Minister recognises MMS’s flexible working policy

15 June 2017

Legal firm Maclay Murray & Spens has been recognised for its flexible working policy with a visit from Scotland's Minister for Employability and Training.

MMS staff are encouraged to discuss their need for flexible basis with their employer on a personal basis. The approach has led to a wide variety of arrangements, from a mother who has annualised her part-time hours to allow her to be at home in the school holidays, to a partner who fits his commercial work at MMS around a second role as an employment judge.

Minister Jamie Hepburn said that with visits like these, the Government was committed to promoting fair and flexible working practices. He commented: “Thousands of parents and carers across Scotland face barriers to work. Not only is flexible working vital for Scotland’s workforce, but also for a stronger and healthier society and economy."

Amanda Jones, partner and head of the employment, pensions and immigration practice with MMS, added: “Having led the way on flexible family working in Scotland for several years, we have found that it can also be of benefit to the firm, as it allows us to attract and retain the best talent available, with many people now actively seeking out employers who are prepared to support their life choices and help them work in a way that suits them best.

“The key to successfully implementing flexible working is to focus on outcomes rather than hours in the office, an approach that can also pay dividends in terms of productivity.”

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