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Jack chairs employee ownership enquiry Scottish panel

28 June 2017

The Scottish panel of an inquiry into employee ownership meets today in Edinburgh, chaired by Lorna Jack, chief execurive of the Law Society of Scotland.

The panel is part of The Ownership Effect Inquiry, a national inquiry into employee ownership in the UK. Launched in partnership with the eaga Trust and the John Lewis Partnership, an independent, business-led panel of experts from business, finance, law, accounting and management will receive oral and written evidence over the summer from industry experts, advisers and employee owned business leaders.

Its findings, conclusions and recommendations will be published in the autumn in a comprehensive final report. This will outline in full the potential of employee ownership and its contribution to UK productivity growth and corporate behaviour.

Employee-owned businesses have seen a sustained period of growth in their number over the last five years. At a time when there is a significant focus on UK productivity, corporate behaviour and Brexit, the inquiry will identify opportunities to grow the effect of employee ownership as an economic and social enabler.

Ms Jack commented: “I’m very much looking forward to chairing the Scottish panel as part of the wider inquiry into the UK’s employee-owned businesses.

“These types of organisation have proven to be highly successful in recent years, and have been particularly resilient following the economic downturn. It is important that we in the wider business community, can understand and learn from their successes as well as explore any specific challenges employee owned businesses face and how they might be dealt with.

“For any business, getting the right advice is essential. The inquiry findings and recommendations will help ensure that professional advisers, including our solicitor members, can better understand the particular needs of these organisations and offer the advice and support that will help employee-owned businesses thrive in the long term.”

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Graham bibby

Wednesday June 28, 2017, 13:53

I was the managing director of one of Scotland's "most prominent " poster child employee-owned businesses during 2014-16. How may I provide evidence to this learned panel please?