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Letter: digital faux pas

8 Oct 19

Scottish solicitors have effectively been excluded from an advertised RBS digital bereavement service, due to a requirement [since amended] to provide an SRA ID number

Having received my copy of the September Journal, I note that p 19 is a full page advert for RBS Digital Bereavement Service. I am a paralegal working within executries, so effectively on the front line of this type of work, and initially thought an online service was ideal and would save time, paper, and therefore money.

I soon discovered, and you may not be aware, that the said digital bereavement service does not allow for Scottish solicitors to enter details of the deceased in order to progress estate administration in this way. Part of the registration process of the death asks about your relationship to the deceased and, if you select solicitor from the drop-down menu, you are then asked to provide your SRA ID number. This is an integral and required field in the online form.

As you know, an SRA ID number only applies to solicitors in England & Wales, so all Scottish solicitors and support staff are unable to use the service in their correct role. It is possible to circumvent the difficulty by selecting “other” as the relationship, but I find it quite insulting that the RBS has developed a system which can only be used properly by solicitors in England & Wales.

I think RBS/NatWest should be held to account by the Society for the blatant error within their system which needs to be rectified expeditiously.

Dorothy O’Donnell, accredited paralegal, Lows Orkney Ltd, Kirkwall
[We reported this to RBS, who responded: “RBS greatly appreciated the feedback and have updated the form with 'N/A' as an option and have also referenced the Scottish Society in their instructions. It is also worth noting that the site has an online chat facility for any questions you may have.” – Editor]


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