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From the archives - March 1999

First steps in the legislative process

Author consider recommendations of the steering group on the legislative process for the Scottish Parliament

Commercial actions in the Court of Session

Reflection by the full-time commercial judge on what has been achieved since the promulgation of new rules for commercial actions in the Court of Session

Issues which must be central to review

Second part of article on review of mental health law, against forthcoming review by Millan Committee

A comeback for Jedart justice?

Latest criminal cases, including road traffic; mobbing and rioting; Moorov rule; non-harassment order; fresh evidence; offensive weapons; statements

Interview: Stephen Gold

Interview with founding partner of a firm that has developed information technology to allow it to develop work in high volume, regardless of location

Profits for tax purposes

New Finance Act provisions require all profits to be computed on an "earnings" basis

Unfair dismissal

Summary of the European Court decision in Seymour-Smith and Perez, which clarified the concept of indirect discrimination without stating whether the UK's two-year qualifying period for unfair dismiss

Conflict of interest between borrower and spouse

Lessons that can be learned from two English cases involving issues of enforceability of securities