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From the archives - April 1999

Acronyms that speak louder than words

How community safety is being enhanced by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 as anti-social behaviour orders come into force

Competition Act comes of age

Whether the Competition Act has had the anticipated impact on business in Britain during its first year of operation

Act taps into every conscience

The Competition Act has acted as a catalyst for wide reaching reform of the Scottish water industry

Reshaping the criminal justice system

Chair of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission explains the philosophy which will shape its workings in its formative months

Redundancy fears over fixed fees

How the introduction of fixed fees for legal aid work is likely to affect the profession

Another step in process of change

Second part of article on strengthening of individual employment rights focuses on the Employment Relations Bill

Interview: Kathleen Bolt

Interview with principal solicitor at the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre

Much tinkering, little change

First of two articles on the salient aspects of the 2001 Budget

You, EU and e-commerce too

Discussion of EU draft directive on e-commerce

"Reasonable grounds" in search for drugs

First part of a review of cases on searches carried out under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Civil law update of recent decisions

Latest civil cases, including pleadings; precognitions; options hearings; interlocutors; interdict; res judicata

Protecting designations of origin

Two European Court judgments on protection of designations of origin in relation to cheeses

Standard securities and EU law - an oxymoron?

Discussion of Citibank International v Kessler, which held that a mortgage condition restricting leting of a house did not infringe the guarantee of free movement of workers

Targeting high risk areas

Concentrating risk management strategies on areas where there is a high incidence of claims could be significantly beneficial