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From the archives - July 1999

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Sarah Ann Carmichael; Donald Stewart Duncan; Deryck de Maine Beaumont; John Michael Harvey Ferries; Nigel Rodney Duncan

Holyrood's threat to local government

Author's fears that the Scottish Parliament will merely perpetuate the "onslaught" against local government

The Argyll charade

The "bad law" made by the Argyll v Argyll marital confidence case

Bill ignores Scottish dimension

Author considers the draft Financial Services and Markets Bill and suggests it is flawed, particularly in failing to take account of the Scottish dimension

Breaching the gap

Review of Scottish Law Commission's discussion paper on Remedies for Breach of Contract

Interview: Colin Anderson

Interview with legal manager of Standard Life Assurance Company, Colin Anderson

Review your files regularly

The importance of good housekeeping so far as a filing system is concerned

A growth model for success

Authors identify certain important elements which distinguish successful firms from others operating in the same marketplace

Tackling scourge of late payments

An overview of how the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 operates

Civil law update of recent decisions

Latest civil cases, including pleadings; expenses; discharge of diet; family actions; non-harassment order; medical examination