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From the archives - August 1999

Inspiration for the future

Report on the Society's 50th anniversary conference and the messages from it to be acted on

Smoke-screen over cannabis

Discussion of Lord McCluskey's address to the Society's 50th anniversary conference, suggesting a Royal Commission to look at sentencing of drug offenders

Bound by statute

Summary of address to the Society's 50th anniversary conference on the circumstances in which Scottish Parliament legislation might be struck down in the courts

Tidying up Scottish family law

Author's view that a coherent, integrated approach to child and family law is essential if progress is to be made in this sphere

New era in partnership law

The reasons for the introduction of limited liability partnership and the factors prompting a rethink in partnership law

Interview: Kenneth Rose

How one firm has taken a low-key approach to keeping its clients abreast of changes coming through the Scottish Parliament

More power to trustees

The new investment powers trustees will require if a joint report by the Law Commissions is implemented

Consider the risk factors

Professional risks associated with new areas of practice and novel ways of doing client business

EU lawyers establishment directive

The rights that lawyers will acquire under the directive, which has to be implemented by March 2000