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From the archives - September 1999

MDPs - threat or opportunity?

Author's view that there are good reasons to embrace thee opportunity MDPs present without compromising the distinctive values of legal practice

Pitfalls in a seller's survey

The possible pitfalls in having a seller's survey as a way to eliminate multiple surveys of the same property

Guidance for personal injury lawyers

Guidance on rights under the Disability Discrimination Act for clients facing discrimination after work injuries

Powers of the Pensions Ombudsman

Jurisdiction of the Pensions Ombudsman and the procedure disputes will follow

Interview: John Scott

Solicitor and human rights campaigner believes that press coverage of the European Convention has been irresponsible and that the changes it brings will be welcomed

Problems in the partnership

The problems that can undermine partnerships and ways the managing partner can sort things out quietly and efficiently

Contortions of corroboration

Latest criminal cases, including bail; co-accused; self-representation; lawful authority; fire raising; Moorov rule

Defining clearly the solicitor's role

Advice on issuing client engagement letters to make it entirely clear what the solicitor's role includes as well as excludes