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From the archives - November 2000

President's report

President's message comments on Donald Dewar; access to justice; members' services; Legal Post

Investment compliance: interest only mortgages

A reminder to financial advisers dealing with endowment-related mortgages of the standards to be met when advising clients

Conveyancing where separate solicitors for lenders

Society is investigating a practice of lenders' agents insisting on an executed and stamped disposition before they release loan funds

Remembering Donald Dewar

Appreciation remembers Donald Dewar the lawyer rather than the politician

Providing pension provision on divorce

An outline of the provisions in force from December 2000 which will enable the value of pension rights to be shared on divorce

The Title Conditions Bill

The approach adopted by the Scottish Law Commission in its Report on Real Burdens, and draft Title Conditions Bill

Modern code for adults with incapacity

First part of a guide to the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

Delivering legal services to the community

What might be in the pipeline following the Justice Minister's announcement of a working group to deliver proposals for a community legal service

Service of documents within the EU

The effect of the EU Regulation 1348/2000, operative from 31 May 2001

EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights

EU roundup, principally on the Charter; also e-commerce; justice and home affairs; intellectual property

Distance selling regulations now in force

The effect of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000

Controlling paper and electronic files

The risk management aspects of controlling files, both paper and electronic