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From the archives - December 2000

President's report

President's message reviews the year ending and looks forward to 2001

Obituary: Frederick James Lilley Main

Appreciation of court solicitor Freddie Main

A Criminal Code for Scotland

Organisers of a recent consultation conference on a draft criminal code for Scotland explain the background and report on the outcome

Protecting the rights of part-time workers

The additional rights conferred by the Part-Time workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000

Protecting rights of the raided

Outline of new procedural rules protecting the rights of those subjected to dawn raids

Fixed penalties "productive of injustice"

Latest criminal cases; including supervised attendance orders; human rights; search warrants; road traffic; delay in summary trials

Legal aid for employment tribunals - at last

The background to the decision to make legal aid available in some circumstances for employment tribunals, and the media reaction

Learning lessons that lessen risk

A look at some case studies which demonstrate the importance of identifying the underlying causes of claims

More Brussels, anyone?

Author's view that new Euro-jurisdiction rules are a potential disaster for Scottish web commerce

Justice and home affairs

EU roundup, principally on justice and home affairs; also e-commerce; rights of establishment