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From the archives - March 2000

Self-incrimination still a grey area

Examination of the right to remain silent and the privilege against self-incrimination in road traffic cases following the appeal court decision in Brown v Stott

The constitutional position of the Lord Advocate

The position of the Lord Advocate and the criticism being meted out by the media and public generally on the resignation of Lord Hardie

Right to parental leave begins

The extent to which the new right to parental leave will affect employees with young children

Participating in parliamentary democracy

Liberal Democrat MSP examines constitutional dilemmas that were not necessarily foreseen by the framers of the devolution settlement

Why conspiracy charge was not objectionable

Latest criminal cases, including self-incrimination; conspiracy; statements; fair trial; verdicts; duty to investigate; sentencing

Update on workers and the EU

EU update, mainly employment but also environment, competition law and other matters

Common risk themes, common solutions

Common themes and common solutions from a sample of matters intimated to the Master Policy insurers

It's litigation Jim but not as we know it

Survey of new forms of dispute resolution using the internet