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From the archives - June 2000

President's report

President's message: the profession must believe in itself and build on its qualities

Diets under section 76 of Criminal Procedure Act

Advice from the Deputy Crown Agent for accused persons wishing to plead under accelerated procedure and have their cases called at a local sitting of the High Court

Rate of interest on landed securities

Rate for the six months from Whitsunday 2000

Stakeholder, or bloodsucker?

The essentials of the stakeholder pension

Educating the judiciary

Director of Judicial Studies describes how judges are subscribing to the need for ongoing skills training and professional development

Fresh, new airs

A personal view of the way forward for the legal profession, against a belief that there has never been a better time to look afresh at how it works

Moral of pleading in mitigation

Latest criminal cases, including sentencing; devolution issues; road traffic; judicial conduct; technological change

Resolving the remand dilemma

Interview with Clive Fairweather, Chief Inspector of Prisons in Scotland, on how the European Convention on Human Right can improve the lot of the remand prisoner

Shaping new law in Scotland

The Society's law reform team continues to be involved at every stage of the Scottish Parliament's legislative programme

EU lawyers' establishment directive

EU update on implementation of the Lawyers' Establishment Directive; also e-commerce, and motor accidents abroad

Time to tackle time bar

A "belt and braces" is recommended in order to minimise the risk of critical dates being missed

e-consumers bite back

Outline of legislation that will begin to regulate how business is conducted on the internet