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From the archives - July 2000

President's report

President's message, covering MDPs, human rights and online services

Council rejects MDPs

The Society's Council has approved a paper supported at the AGM, concluding that multi-disciplinary practices are contrary to several core professional values

Changes to CPD guidelines

Relaxation to guidelines for those completing their annual requirement early, and those fulfilling their requirement within one month after the formal deadline

Evidence of survivorship destination

What the Keeper will accept as sufficient evidence that a survivorship destination has not been evacuated

Still a glass ceiling for women solicitors?

An outline of the findings of research which suggests that barriers still exist to hinder the progress of women solicitors - and some views from women in the profession

Resuscitating civil legal aid

A recent extension to the payment period may improve access to civil legal aid, but in the interests of justice the Scottish Executive must create an environment that allows for its efficient delivery

Companies and directors in the dock

Consideration of government proposals to make companies and directors more accountable for health and safety offences

The Scottish Parliament one year on

A summary of the legislation passed, and a description of the style of debate that developed, in the Scottish Parliament's first year

The law of design

Author's view that as computers become an all-pervasive presence in the office, large firms in particular must rethink their approach to creating a stimulating work environment

Discretion in granting decree by default

Latest civil cases, including title to sue; pleadings; counterclaims; orders for disclosure; expenses; options hearings; peremptory diets; family actions

Representing clients in mediation

First of two articles on mediation and the new role for solicitors which it creates: the process and its significance

Risk assessments (health and safety regulations)

The impact of Community law in personal injury litigation and the attitude of UK courts with particular reference to the use of risk assessments

The headache of domain names

Alternative domain names may provide the solution for those organisations that missed out on the early rush to register

Reminder of routine risk issues

A variety of risk issues ranging from the imnportance of proper file notes to the risks involved in responding to questions in auditors' enquiry letters