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From the archives - August 2000

Survival in the IT age

Author's view that the pace of change is accelerating and new skills are becoming more important than traditional professional prowess

Competition Act: the impact

How the Competition Act 1998 regime will impact on the sector in the wake of the Microsoft investigations

Setting up websites

A guide to the elementary stages of creating a web page and how hyperlinks are written

Representing clients in mediation

Second of two articles on the main features of mediation and the new role it creates for solicitors looks at the professional skills required

Belgian challenge to Rioja dismissed

EU roundup, principally on the European Court decision supporting Spanish restrictions on the use of the "Rioja" label on wine

Defining contaminated land

Description of the new regime for establishing who should be responsible for cleaning and remediating contaminated land

Timeshare interests in salmon fishings

Opposing opinions from the Keeper (against) and a practitioner (for) on the question whether a timeshare salmon fishing right can be registered in the Land Register

When clients ask and expect too much

First of two-part article on how demands and expectations of certain clients can create increased risk of claims and client dissatisfaction