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From the archives - September 2000

President's report

President's message: a request for views on the less than level playing field on which they compete with companies dealing with claims for personal injuries

Marketing Advisory Service

Some of the main issues raised by people consulting this service of the Society

Developers have human rights too

A discussion of the County Properties decision in the Outer House which could lead to radical changes to the system of planning control in Scotland

What difference will the Human Rights Act make?

An overview of the Act, examining in particular which bodies will fall under the open-ended definition of "public authority"

Preparing reports for the court in family actions

The essentials, including preliminary preparations and interviewing techniques, fo practitioners asked to prepare a report

Let's talk about money!

Author's view that lawyers must overcome their traditional inhibitions about discussing money and start giving clients an early indication of costs

Reservations about frivolous grounds of appeal

Latest criminal cases, including inadequate preparation; breach of the peace; search warrants; road traffic; sentencing; juries

Contention over confidential soundings

Questions about the system of confidential soundings of candidates provoked some of the most interesting debate over the Executive consultation paper on judicial appointments

Standard instructions for domestic conveyancing

Introduction to the Council of Mortgage Lenders' Handbook which will provide conveyancers with instructions setting out what lenders expect

Making money on the web

The opportunities and possible pitfalls of conducting transactions through the internet

When clients ask and expect too much

Further consideration of certain types of client and how they create increased risk of claims: devious and dishonest clients