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From the archives - January 2001

President’s report

The pros and cons of the Society relocating from Drumsheugh Gardens

Rate of interest on landed securities

Rate from Martinmas 2000

Judicial politics in the Judicial Committee

How Scottish appeals to the Privy Council on Convention rights have superseded the House of Lords as the final court of appeal

Modern code for adults with incapacity

The second of three articles examining aspects of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

Competition law compliance: role for profession

A study suggests that there is an important, but often untapped, role for legal advisers to make directors aware of important law such as the Competition Act

Hearsay: admissibility revisited

Latest civil cases, including jurisdiction; arrestment; settlement; decrees; caution; debates; family actions; hearsay; evidence; pleadings

Excessive costs of acessing health records

Solicitors may be getting overcharged for being supplied with medical reords

Level playing field sought for injury claims

How the profession can meet the competition from companies dealing with personal injury claims

Making websites do things

A guide to the basic principles of Javascript with a view to producing some practical results

Focus on commercial property risks

Potential errors and omissions in commercial property transactions giving rise to risk management issues

EU employment law update

EU update: mainly employment; also justice; competition; e-commerce

Book reviews

Reviews of Law of Contract (Treitel); McDonald’s Conveyancing Case Notes; LawBasics: Human Rights