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From the archives - October 2001

President’s report

Terrorism is anathema to all who believe the rule of law is sacred – a response to the events of 11 September 2001

Investment business – assets frozen in the US

List of organisations identified by the US as having terrorist links – relevant to the money laundering and anti-terrorism legislation

Code of Conduct for Criminal Work

A note of revisions to the code and of new templates to help prepare criminal cases

Modernising company law

How the company law review might impact on directors’ duties and remuneration

Framework established for collective redundancies

Employment law update on issues including unfair dismissal and new employment tribunal rules

Time to re-think conveyancing customs

Argument that Scotland’s land registration process is in danger of being made to look cumbersome by the streamlined English approach

Crying freedom

Argument that behind the fine rhetoric, Scotland’s judicial appointments process remains shrouded in secrecy

Diversity – accepting the challenge

Head of Commission for Racial Equality in Scotland interviews Law Society of Scotland’s Chief Executive on issues of diversity and the Race Relations Act

Expediting commercial resolutions

How the new commercial procedures in Glasgow Sheriff Court are working and whether they further herald the age of the specialist sheriff

D-Day approaches!

The business implications for solicitors as the Data Protection Act comes into substantially full force and effect

Observations on remedy of interdict

Latest civil cases, including citation; jurisdiction; interdict; arrestment; res judicata; witness lists; recovery of documents; abandonment; judgment; expenses

Dishonesty of clients – how do you spot it?

The risks associated with devious and dishonest clients, and how employees and former employees are protected under the Master Policy

The Professional Competence Course

The aims and content of the PCC, one element of the new training regime

Book reviews

Review of Sport and the Law: the Scots Perspective