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From the archives - March 2001

President’s report

A rebuttal of an attack by the Home Secretary on lawyers

Society and Small Business Gateway come together

The Society aims to provide Scottish Enterprise with a database of firms interested in helping small businesses and start-ups

New bulletin board posted on Society’s website

A new bulletin board on the Society’s website is the quick and easy way to get all communications from the Society; these can also be emailed on request

Value of the Unit

The recommended value of the Unit for 2001

Managing the modern law firm

A report on research which concludes that managing the knowledge worker is fundamental to succeeding in a competitive climate, with comments from solicitor managers

Why conduct a legal practice as a limited company?

The founder of the first incorporated practice in Scotland explains why he has taken this option

Is your profit share less than £35,000?

The overall profitability of firms as disclosed by the 2000 Cost of Time Survey and some of the factors that contribute to that profitability

Why some client work will never pay

Firms should focus only on clients they want, trust their instincts and turn away undesirable work

Firms must face up to IT risk

Partner level understanding of the risks of lax security in IT systems is essential if firms are to avoid potential catastrophe

Firm websites: help or hype?

Author argues that the benefits of expensive, interactive websites have yet to be proven

Managing risks in the modern law firm

Certain of the risks associated with innovations in the way firms operate, such as homeworking

Tread warily with mixed statements

Latest criminal cases, including road traffic; cross examination; statements; delay; sentencing; provocation

A worker’s fundamental right to holidays

EU update, mainly holiday rights; also European Court; consumer; intellectual property; insolvency

Taking the lid off

Advice for the unwary dealing with septic tanks in conveyancing transactions

Book reviews

Reviews of Licensing Law in Scotland; Lexcel Practice Excellence Kit