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From the archives - April 2001

President’s report

The Society faces the challenge of retaining the very best people to work, in essence, as unpaid volunteers

Developing policy initiatives

The role of the Society’s Policy and Planning Group in formulating ideas and proposals for consideration by Council

Changing face of Scotland's legal profession

Analysis of two wide-ranging studies into the changing shape of the legal profession confirms women and in-house lawyers are on the rise

Testing professional competence

Work is advanced on the structure and design of the Test of Professional Competence

Reasons essential when rejecting evidence

Latest civil cases, including pleadings; evidence; jurisdiction; abandonment; interest; appeals; family actions; expenses; diligence

Empowering offenders to change

Profile of the Airborne Initiative, a residential course where young offenders confront their anti-social behaviour

Website reviews

Reviews of sites including a guide to the workings of devolved government in Scotland

Concerns about the workability of the Injunctions Directive

The importance of being classic

An attempt to dispel continuing uncertainty about the Master Policy implications of granting letters of obligation and other undertakings


EU roundup, including young lawyers scheme; intellectual property; e-commerce

Book reviews

Reviews of Partnership Law; Human Rights and UK Practice; Summary Applications and Suspensions